Online College Admission Essay & Resume Workshop + Office hours
Summer 2019
Flexible Online Content + Access to Live Essay Help
The online workshop PLUS live office hours gives you flexibility AND personalization. 
Even if you only take advantage of 1 or 2 office hours, this program is a great deal!

PErsonalize Your Process with office hours
College professors hold office hours-- open times in which they are available for students to drop in to ask questions or get feedback on assignments. You won't need to drop everything and drive across town to meet me for office hours. This summer I will be available via Zoom video conferencing. This means students and parents can use the secure login from their computers, tablets, or phones to get personalized help as you progress through the writing process. Stop by with a quick question or bring your essay draft and ask for feedback. 

I will hold office hours at different times throughout the summer and you will know the days / times in advance, so if you need help, you can plan to attend. You will have access to 2-3 office hour sessions each month during the summer. If you are out of town for one, plan to attend the next. Office hours give you a flexible way to get personalized help. 
 Quality Essays Make A Difference
A well written college application can make the difference between admission and rejection! 

  • Know you need to start work on college applications, but don’t know how to begin?
  •  Want to avoid procrastination and family disagreements?
  •  Worried you don’t have anything unique or impressive to write about?
I want to help you GET IN to the college of your dreams, EARN TOP SCHOLARSHIP dollars, and REDUCE the STRESS of applications!

Join me as we jump start your college applications and increase your odds of acceptance with top scholarships and merit aid by identifying your application emphasis, getting started on focused essays and resumes, building confidence, and presenting top applications for admission.

I am excited to present an online version of my highly successful live workshop. You can access the video lessons, handouts, and resources at any time to learn more about writing winning essays and resumes for college admission.
Improve Your Odds:
College essays can’t get an unqualified student in the door. But many qualified candidates are rejected each year because they failed to showcase their strengths.  
Strong essays can help turn a “maybe” into a YES!
Highly competitive schools are forced to choose among thousands of students who have the grades and scores to be successful; this is where a strong essay that presents your unique talents and strengths is essential. 
Learn how the admissions office will view your achievements and  applications essays 
(and how to present your talents in the best light.)
What You Will Learn From This Workshop:
Secret #1: Insights into how colleges view applications.
Most parents and students don't understand what is (and isn't) impressive to college admissions officers. We will share tips from colleges, so you don't waste your limited application space on information that won't help.
Secret #2: Megan's reverse engineering essay strategy.
It may be hard to believe, but you should NOT start your essay by looking at the questions. (!) 
We will share how to make your essay a engaging element of your application (instead of a wasted opportunity or, even worse, a reason to reject.)
Secret #3: Do's and Don'ts for college activity resumes. 
Too many students fail to convey the extent of their involvement in extracurricular activities. Make sure your talents, time, and effort are properly presented. We will share strategies for showcasing your achievements and templates for different types of resumes.  
Register for Online Access + Office Hours Now!
Online College Essay & Resume Workshop access through Dec. 31
PDF with Essay Workshop Handouts & Notes
Access to ALL Office Hours Throughout the Summer
The online program will be available starting the the week of June 17. You will have access to the handouts and video lessons through December 31, 2019. Barring technical difficulties, you will have 24/7 access to the online materials.

You will receive a separate email with details on how to access the online course. 

Office hours will be held using the secure Zoom videoconferencing platform. You do NOT need a login or profile to use Zoom; we will provide you with a link to join each office hour conference. 

You can access Zoom office hours from your phone, tablet, or computer, making it easy to use even if you are traveling during the summer. 

Like office hours held by college professors, these office hours are open times for students and parents to ask questions, get feedback, or personalized help through the writing and editing process. Participation is optional. 

Megan will hold 2-3 office hour sessions per month throughout the summer. Times and dates will be emailed to you in advance, but may be subject to change. We will have a mix of daytime, afternoon, evening, and weekend office hours. 

The online workshop and office hours are non-refundable. 
Megan Dorsey
College Admission Expert
About Megan:
Megan Dorsey believes every student (and parent) should be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make the college admissions process less stressful and more successful. This engaging and authentic expert is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.

Megan is a graduate of Rice University and she holds a certificate in college counseling from UCLA and a Master's in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston. With more than 20 years' experience in test preparation and college admissions, she has helped thousands of students maximize their gain admission to the colleges of their choice.  
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